Featured this Month (Friday July 19, 2013 7:00-9:00 pm) 

(7:00) Laurie and Friends - Laurie Schaefer graduated from Western Illinois University in 1996 with a bachelors in music therapy. Laurie's primary and favorite instrument to play is the flute. However, Laurie plays the guitar and sings mostly in her music therapy sessions. She loves her profession as a music therapist because she can use her passion for music to help those in need.  

(7:30) Footsie is a local performer plays prewar blues, rags and sanctified music.  He has played at the Fox Valley Folk Festival, the Bluegrass Festival, Taste of Westmont and the Green Earth Fest, among other venues.  He also gives presentations about blues history at area libraries and civic organizations. 

(8:00) MT or Matthew Tinnon, whichever you prefer... Is something fresh and new, taking multiple genres and putting a spin on them to make old songs sound likesomething new and different. Seriously how many love songs can be made, ask him, he will tell you there are a million different ways to say the same story.

At 27 he realized he needed to get back to what he loves most, music. Playing all types of music in the past, Blues and Folk are his favorite, a although sometimes a little bit of emo comes involved with strumming patterns and depressing lyrics. However he tries his best to not make people sad while playing... Combining deep, introspective lyrics based on life lessons, with romantic and passionate hooks, it is a duo that tells a story with every set he plays. Check him out, most shows are often a story he has been writing his entire life, a different page of his diary in every show, filled with messages and life-lessons with every conclusion.

Featured visual artist: Clarke Hosp (www.hospdesign.com)

Visual art display made possible by People Made Visible. 

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