Friday, March 21, 2014 (7:00-9:00 pm) 

(7:00) Courtney Schroeder has had a love of music her entire life, spending much of her childhood at piano, violin, voice or dance lessons.  While in college she choose to focus her musical studies on piano while simultaneously feeding her inner math nerd and studying accounting - definitely not a common major pairing on campus.  As an adult she enjoys sharing her fondness for music with her young son who is currently a big fan of jazz and a country version of the ABCs.  Courtney’s taste in music varies with the day and may be anything from Chopin to Billy Joel.


(7:30) Evan Frazier is a singer-songwriter from Lisle. He has been playing guitar and writing music for the last ten years. His songs are intimate, emotional and energetic. In addition to guitar he writes music for ukulele, violin, piano and makes electronic music using a synthesizer and drum machine. 

(8:00) Gypsy John (Seale) . . . born and raised in Texas. Job took me to the Chicago area in 76. Have lived in Downers Grove ever since with my wife, Patty.  We have a son and a daughter that are in their 20’s. Travelled a lot with my job and have experienced all types of music.  But music of my formative years is still my love.  Stones, Cream, Kris Kristofferson, Willis Alan Ramsey, Jerry Jeff Walker, Guy Clark, Doc Watson, Willie Nelson, Earl Scruggs, Chet Atkins, Andres Segovia, Heiter Villa-Lobos, Leadbelly, Bach.  Mostly play stuff that helps to make sense out of this life.

Featured visual artist: Jake Schroeder

Visual art display made possible by People Made Visible. 

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