It takes many volunteers to organize an event like Local Music Night.  Below are some basic descriptions of the various roles.  If you are interested in joining the volunteer team, please contact us!

Current Volunteers:      LOG IN HERE to view openings and assignments, and to sign up for volunteer slots.

Pre-Event Roles  

Event Coordinator  

Review online/email submissions or seek out local musicians

Schedule musicians for upcoming events

Communicate event details to performers and gather photos, bios, & photo waivers for promotions

Manage email distribution lists (shared with promotions)


 Postcard/Poster design

Create "recruitment" materials (calls for volunteers/musicians, etc) 

Distribution of info online (Facebook, WC city website, blog, other), & locally (public places/events, businesses)

Email info about upcoming events and manage email distribution lists

Post-Event Roles 


Return chairs and supplies to  storage room

store any useable food for next month

Wash any dirty linens (or delegate)

Wash any used serving dishes/ utensils

Return coffee dispenser to Starbucks (or delegate)


 Collect and total donations received

Give 10% to Gallery 200 for use of space

Reimburse any expenses, enter receipts into spreadsheet

Plan for expenses (equipment purchases, piano tuning, etc)

Event-Night Roles  


 Greet musicians, oversee any last-minute setup

Greet musicians, volunteers, guests, and provide any needed instructions

Make sure waivers are signed by performers

Introduce performers, make announcements, manage open-mic segment


Coordinate setup of event (usually night before)

Take inventory and purchase any needed food items or other supplies

Arrange for coffee donation (Starbucks) and pick up or designate someone to do so

Ice pick up on event night


 •Provide and set up sound equipment

Run sound check for musicians

Run sound during performances

Clean-up, store equipment


 Take photos at event (possibly some video?)

Post photos on website, Facebook, etc. to promote event

Upload photos to Google Drive (or similar shared location where they can be accessed for promotions)

Want to get involved?

Please contact us!

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